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Reselling Rae Dunn in 2022


If you have not heard of Rae Dunn yet, you are about to. And as soon as you see her work, you will recognize it.

If you are one of the Rae Dunn followers: obsessed or otherwise, welcome! 👋

Thinking about starting a side hustle flipping items and reselling for profit? One of the early challenges is to figure out what brands and products are worth flipping.

Here’s one of those items you could be on the lookout (BOLO) for if you are interested in flipping and reselling home decor.



Rae Dunn is an artist who makes handmade pottery and now many other things: clothes, kitchen items, soaps… you name it. Her style adorns a ton of different pieces today.

She has a cult following. So-called “Rae Dunn Women” are obsessed and fighting to get their hands on any and all Rae Dunn pieces! Many have an extensive and impressive collection of Rae Dunn pieces. It’s wild.

This can be good news for flippers and resellers!

If you are able to scoop up a rare piece of her work, it can sell for thousands of dollars!

Check out these items on eBay!

See how many watchers each listing has?

One of the listings has 98 people watching!!


Now, it’s not to say that the pieces will sell at these prices, but they are selling — for A LOT of money 💰.

Where to Find Rae Dunn Pieces?


Head on over to TJ Maxx, Marshalls/Home Goods. When new items come in, you can find a ton on the shelves. However, the pieces will be fought over and bought in a blink of an eye, so don’t sleep on it!!

If you want to jump on the sales the moment the Rae Dunn pottery hits the store shelves, join Rae Dunn Facebook groups (there are a ton). The groups also help you learn which items are the members’ favorites and perhaps give you ideas on which pieces to buy.

Keep in mind – some pieces may not sell for much profit at all, so it’s important to learn which items to pick for reselling and which ones to pass on.


For cheap/er finds, check out your local thrift stores and visit garage sales. You may find some pieces on Facebook marketplace or your local Buy/Sell groups, but typically people selling there know the value of Rae Dunn, and as such, they may cost more.

Where to Resell Rae Dunn Pieces?

You can find Rae Dunn potter for resale on eBay, Mercari, and even on Poshmark.

And… Amazon. The pieces people are reselling on Amazon tend to be from new collections.

buy low sell high make money

Regardless of where you decide to resell your Rae Dunns, keep in mind the profit margins. Each platform takes a cut, so make sure to allow enough cushion for profit.

You can find so many other items in addition to Rae Dunn’s pottery.

Even online, like here on TJ Maxx

Want to sell Rae Dunn-inspired products or are thinking about it, say on Etsy?

The font that you see on the pottery is called The Skinny, which you can download for FREE. However, I would think about whether to use this font or not. It’s been downloaded over 2 million times!!

Jules | The Moneymakr